Corrosion Cathodic Protection Course, Karachi - March 2020

09th & 10th March 2020

March 9, 2020
2 Days


Karachi, Pakistan   View map


Training Course


Corrosion & Cathodic Protection Fundamentals Training is designed to provide participants with knowledge in corrosion control, mitigations and cathodic protection fundamentals. It provides theoretical knowledge and fundamentals of corrosion, types of corrosion, methods of corrosion control and mitigation, with emphasis on both sacrificial and
impressed current cathodic protection systems for underground structures including
buried pipelines, storage tanks, and plants. The course involves lectures and case studies.


■ To know the basis of corrosion mechanisms, recognize the nature of corrosion, forms of
corrosion and the various effects of soil conditions.
■ To acknowledge the principles of galvanic series and apply the concept to corrosion mitigation and control.
■ To identify the different types of corrosion in soils, nature of soils, and know what is a corrosive soil.
■ To identify the associated aspects of corrosion control and mitigation such as the materials selection, coatings and cathodic protection including its design, types, selection and
■ To identify the types of cathodic protection by sacrificial anodes and impressed current,
protection criteria, advantages, disadvantages, applications, pipelines, tanks, plants.


This course is intended for those responsible for corrosion control programs, and/or recording this data, including :

■ Pipeline design engineers
■ Pipeline operations engineers
■ Corrosion engineers
■ Materials engineers
■ Offshore structure design

■ Operation people
■ CP field personnel
■ Supervisors
■ Technical staff

■ Design engineers
■ Mechanical engineers
■ Inspection engineers
■ Chemical engineers
■ Marine maintenance


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