Middle East Spare Parts and Optimization

Middle East Spare Parts and Optimization

11th – 13th April 2019

April 11, 2019
3 Days


Abu Dhabi   View map


Training Course

Middle East Spare Parts and Optimization

Why Choose this Course?

By attending this 2-day course, you will learn the principles of spare parts optimization through a thorough examination of all the aspects related to maintaining an accurate and appropriate level of inventory. The course will explore all the elements necessary for increasing service levels, providing efficient space utilization and reducing inventory monetary value to its lowest possible levels, and will be conducted through lecture, exercises and case histories so that all participants will retain the knowledge and tools needed to implement at their respective locations in any industry.

How will this be Presented?

  • Learn the right set up, including exploring the database set up, how to check information to be extracted for optimization and influence of parts criticality etc.
  • Understand the right process including how the internal processes affect inventory levels, internal lead times verses external lead times, how new spares are added and stop the growth, the content of disposition strategies
  • Get to know bills of materials, OEM verses MRO spares, procurement procedures, usage data and insurance spares
  • Understand the right price including vendor relations, shipping costs, vendor managed inventories, item cost and holding cost
  • Learn the right timing ways including planning & scheduling, pre-kits, planned parts replacements, and delivery schedules
  • Learn the right quantity including order costs / PO costs, space requirements and limitations, reducing without impacting operations, reporting success