The Evolving Role of the Executive PA in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Date: 19th -20th August, 2020
Course Delivery: Online + Live Streaming
4:00 to 11:00 GMT
Course material: Will be provided


This 2-day training is an advanced programme that develops the managerial strengths and abilities of 21st century Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants & Secretaries. This groundbreaking training raises the skills and professionalism of this vital workforce sector. This training has been designed to meet the demand for a comprehensive programme that increases the confidence and abilities of Assistants at work and develops them both professionally and personally.

Why You Should Attend this 2-Day Training

Elevate your PA’s and secretaries to higher levels of productivity through these benefits:

Equip – with the skills, techniques and tools to become fully multifunctional

Prepare – for the ever-increasing demands of the 21st century PA through improved time management, enhanced communications skills and more effective control of meetings and events

Build –confidence, powers of influence and self-esteem from a heightened understanding of self-worth, emotional intelligence, assertiveness and management of relationships – especially the Boss-PA relationship

Achieve –job satisfaction and career expectations by continuous professional development, balancing work with life and transforming stress

Why You Should Attend this 2-Day Training

This is a challenging and enjoyable 2-day course that is built around realistic case studies, problem-solving exercises and the development of practical managerial-level soft skills. This masterclass offers world-class Executive Assistant training, delivered by a former Executive PA and international trainer with expert knowledge of the EA role and its challenges.

Who should attend?

  • Senior administrators
  • Office managers
  • Executive assistants
  • Supervisors of junior staff who already possess the essential administration skills and are seeking to further advance their career.

Book Before 19th July 2020, Pay only USD 395/delegate
After 19th July 2020, Pay full price USD 595/ delegate

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